Perfect Circles

June 12, 2007 MARIO NAVES Hester Simpson fashions a sumptuous pageant of sensation using the sparest of means. The pictorial vocabulary of her paintings, now on view at Ricco Maresca Gallery, is restricted, if not entirely inflexible: circles and ellipses, concentric or overlapping, in flat and uninflected patterns—that’s about it in terms of identifiable imagery. […]

Canvases Are Small but Potent, At Once Tender and Cerebral

April 26, 2004 MARIO NAVES “Critics-they always get their digs in.” That’s a comment I overheard from the director of a gallery the day one of its artists received a rave review-albeit with the mildest of criticisms-from The New York Times . Following in the noble tradition, allow me to briefly air my grievances about […]

A Painter Succeeds, Giving Color Leeway

November 26, 2001 MARIO NAVES Gallery goers accustomed to the quick fix will trot right past the paintings of Hester Simpson, and is it any wonder why? The contemporary scene with its glut of thingamajigs and its paucity of inspiration, engenders impatience for anything requiring more than a brief nod of recognition which is a […]

When Words Become A Means of Reaching A Different Plane

March 28, 1999 HELEN A. HARRISON ‘Women’s Work’ Nese Alpan Gallery, 1499 Old Northern Boulevard, Roslyn. Through April 9. 484-7238. Anyone expecting to find the gallery filled with needlepoint or decorated china may be startled by this group show, which has nothing in common with such traditional female pursuits. The 11 artists are represented by […]

A Wave of Abstraction

September 5, 1999 PHYLLIS BRAFF ‘Summer Selections 1999’ Nese Alpan Gallery, 1499 Old Northern Boulevard, Roslyn. Through Sept. 26. 484-7238. Artists who seek to stretch perception form the core of this invitational group exhibition, the first in what is to be an annual event. Some, like Nola Zirin, introduce depth-of-field shifts in their paintings. Others […]

Going Exploring on Three Different Trails

December 12, 1999 PHYLLIS BRAFF ‘The Grid’ Nese Alpan Gallery, 1499 Old Northern Boulevard, Roslyn. To Saturday. (516) 484-7238. All six artists in this small but rewarding show pursue the grid format as part of a 1990’s search for urgency, rather than a continuation of Minimalist concerns. As might be expected, there is ample evidence […]

Exploring Imagery in Patchwork Forms

January 18, 1998 HELEN A. HARRISON Patchworks: Contemporary Interpretations of the Quilt Form Islip Art Museum, 50 Irish Lane, East Islip. Through Jan. 25. 224-5402. Traditional quilts are utilitarian items that often have artistic dimensions, in either the quilting itself — the patterned stitchery that holds them together — or the pieced and appliqued fabric […]

Ellis Island and Beyond

June 23, 1991 VIVIEN RAYNOR THOUGH it was closed as an institution in 1954, Ellis Island has not gone away but has, rather, become a tourist attraction. And while the extraordinary faces documented by Lewis Hine seem to have disappeared from the population, the memories of the experience have lived on unto the present generation. […]

For 12 Artists, Maps Fill a Role as Raw Material

Sunday, October 18, 1992 HELEN A. HARRISON Making and interpreting maps are far more subtle and subjective than one might think, because maps appear to present objective data. But as Jonathan Swift observed, speculation has often filled the gaps left by incomplete information and faulty reckoning. This impulse is the point of departure for “Site […]